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FOAMGLAS® insulation offers long-term thermal performance and protection. It offers ideal properties for process piping and equipment, chilled water systems, storage tanks, fire suppression systems, and more. The service temperature ranges from cryogenic/cold to hot (-450° F to 900° F) FOAMGLAS® -isolatie biedt een uitzonderlijke combinatie van eigenschappen waaronder onbrandbaarheid, hoge drukvastheid, gegarandeerde water- en dampdichtheid en langdurige thermische prestaties. FOAMGLAS®-isolatie is uw partner voor elke veeleisende situatie, waar het voorkomen van waterschade of condensatie cruciaal is FOAMGLAS® cellular glass insulation slabs and boards is load bearing insulation, produced without any addition of binders from recycled glass (predominantly vehicle windscreens), i.e. from sand, dolomite, and lime. The insulation elements consist of cellular glass with a closed cell structure

FOAMGLAS® Cellular Glass Insulation Owens Cornin

FOAMGLAS®, thermische isolatie gemaakt van cellulair gla

FOAMGLAS insulation by Owens Corning is a lightweight, rigid, closed-cell insulation. Foamglas insulation provides an unmatched combination of physical properties ideal for building and mechanical applications above ground, underground, indoors or outdoors, at temperatures from -450°F to +900°F FOAMGLAS® ist ein leichter, stabiler und langlebiger Dämmstoff, der sich aus Millionen komplett versiegelter Glaszellen zusammensetzt und eine aussergewöhnliche Kombination von Eigenschaften wie Nichtbrennbarkeit, überlegene Druckfestigkeit garantierte Wasser- und Dampfdichtigkeit und langlebige Wärmedämmleistung aufweist FOAMGLAS® with adhesive filled joints provide an insulation system and vapor barrier. FOAMGLAS® is easily cut or trimmed with a hand saw blade. FOAMGLAS® product properties. Waterproof - Resistant to vermin - High compressive strength - Non-combustible - Impervious to water vapour - Dimensionally stable FOAMGLAS® insulation April 3, 2013 SAFETY DATA SHEET 1 of 6 SECTION 1 - IDENTIFICATION Product Name: FOAMGLAS ® insulation, FOAMGLAS® One™ insulation, FOAMGLAS HLB insulation Manufacturer/Supplier: Pittsburgh Corning Corporation 800 Presque Isle Drive Information Number: 724-327-610 FOAMGLAS ONE pipe insulation is a lightweight, rigid material composed of millions of completely sealed glass cells. FOAMGLAS ONE insulation is manufactured by Pittsburgh Corning in a block form and then fabricated into a wide range of shapes and sizes to satisfy industrial and commercial insulation requirements

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  1. Free to use FOAMGLAS® Slab T4+ BIM object from FOAMGLAS Inorganic Recycled Glass Insulation, without ozone depletion properties, additives, binders or flame retardants. Platform Compatible Version Certified to IFC.
  2. FOAMGLAS® Insulation can be fabricated into vessel head segments. FOAMGLAS® insulation vessel head segments can be preassembled in single or multi-layered configurations, allowing for fast installation and superior insulating performance..
  3. FOAMGLAS® insulation is thermally stable, having an expansion coefficient lower than and closer to steel than other insulation materials. This creates the situation that when an object is cooled, joints in the insulation will have a tendency to close; no gaps will be created
  4. FOAMGLAS® Insulation Safety Data Sheet FOAMGLAS® Industry 3 of 7 August 25, 2015 SECTION 5 - FIRE FIGHTING MEASURES SUITABLE EXTINGUISHING MEDIA: Fine Water Spray, CO 2, Dry Chemical, Foam.If entering a confined area, use self-contained breathing apparatus
  5. imum temperature that Foamglas can be used for is -450 degrees F (-268 degrees C)
  6. FOAMGLAS® insulation—in 2 (50.8mm)-thick, 12 x 18 (304.8mm x 457.2mm) blocks— being applied to a petroleum storage tank at a West Coast refinery. Industrial Applications include pipelines as well as vessels of all types. FOAMGLAS® insulation is ideal for low temperature applications— including chill water piping and equipment
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  1. Owens Corning FOAMGLAS® insulation is exhibiting their innovative cellular glass insulation solutions again at this year's Offshore Europe exhibition in Aberdeen, Scotland. Feel free to stop by our stand, 3A36, if you are interested in learning more about the benefits of FOAMGLAS® insulation for your on- and offshore projects
  2. Foamglas block is made of cellular glass insulation, a lightweight, rigid, and durable material that is composed of closed glass cells. Foamglas insulation blocks can be fabricated to produce pipe insulation, fitting covers, and other unique shapes
  3. General Insulation Company fabricates Foamglas in many shapes and sizes to meet your exact requirements. Foamglas One is a lightweight, rigid material composed of millions of completely sealed glass cells manufactured by Pittsburgh Corning
  4. FOAMGLAS®, ecological cellular glass thermal insulation systems for durable solutions in building, HVAC installations and industry, produced by Pittsburgh Co..
  5. Foamglas pipe covering is made of cellular glass insulation, a highly durable, non-combustible, and lightweight insulation material. Cellular glass insulation is water resistant, vapor impermeable, and can be used in applications with service temperatures ranging from -450°F to 900°F
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Foamglas Perinsul S is een buitengewoon drukvast product om koudebruggen in het metselwerk uit te sluiten. Alle zijden zijn afgewerkt met bitumen. De boven- en onderzijde zijn extra voorzien van een glasvlies en een polyethyleenfilm, Knauf Insulation isolatiemes 360m Searching for FOAMGLAS Pipe Insulation products? Grainger's got your back. Easy online ordering for the ones who get it done along with 24/7 customer service, free technical support & more Foamglas is a cellular glass insulation material that's impervious to moisture, inert, resistant to insects and vermin, strong, and reasonably well-insulating (R-3.44 per inch). It can be used for insulating roofs, walls, and below-grade applications, including beneath slabs Overview. Chances are that if you've heard the name Foamglas® before, you've used it or cut it for use in the pipe insulation industry. We have talked to many insulation fabricators around the world and one thing we found in common was that Foamglas® has been cut by hand for the past sixty years

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About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Foamglas¯ building insulation has been made by Pittsburgh Corning for many decades and is widely used in Europe. For the past decade or two, however, it has only been actively marketed in North America for industrial applications. (It's been listed in our GreenSpec Directory as an industrial insulation material for years.) Now Foamglas is back FOAMGLAS ® INSULATION SYSTEM COMPONENTS Pittsburgh Corning Corporation Global Industry Headquarters 800 Presque Isle Drive Pittsburgh, PA 15239 USA +1 724 327 6100 +1 800 545 5001 Asia-Pacific: +81 50 7554 0248 Europe, Middle East & Africa: +32 13 661 721 Worldwide Technical Service Foamglas Insulation. IPC Industries is a supplier of FOAMGLAS® to the South African Market. We have completed a number of projects in the industrial sector, and remain to be the experts in this highly specialised insulation

Our next generation FOAMGLAS® T3+ achieves a lambda-valueof 0,036 W/(m.K), improving on its predecessor by an impressive 12%. All this without influencing the well-known advantages of FOAMGLAS®; incombustibility, superior compressive strength and long lasting thermal insulation performance. FOAMGLAS HLB Cellular Glass Insulation is specially designed for high load bearing industrial applications. Its unique combination of high compressive strength and low thermal conductivity makes it ideal for a wide range of tank base construction and other industrial load bearing applications FOAMGLAS® HLB 1000 Insulation is specially designed for high load bearing industrial applications. Its unique combination of high compressive strength and low thermal conductivity makes it ideal for a wide range of tank base construction and other industrial load bearing applications FOAMGLAS - La solution aux ponts thermiques. FOAMGLAS a conçu un isolant thermique qui permet d'éviter les ponts thermiques: PERINSUL.. Les ponts thermiques ont de très grandes conséquences pour l'isolation du bâtiment.Du fait de la température de surface moins élevée à cet endroit, il peut y avoir une condensation d'air qui engendre des problèmes d'humidité et de moisissures

FOAMGLAS® Building Benelux | 705 followers on LinkedIn. FOAMGLAS® Building is een marktleider in thermische isolatie in cellulair glas en een voorloper op vlak van gerecycleerde en duurzame.

FOAMGLAS INSULATION PRIJSLIJST / LISTE DE PRIX 2014 Industrie België/Luxemburg (Geldig vanaf 01/05/2014 Valable à partir du 01/05/2014) FOAMGLAS geprefabriceerde elementen produits découpés/préfabrique Grundsätzlich ist Foamglas ein richtiger Alleskönner. Eine Besonderheit, die den Dämmstoff auszeichnet, ist seine Alterungsbeständigkeit.Dadurch eignet sich Schaumglas vor allem für den Einsatz bei extremen Bedingungen, beispielsweise wenn Sie ihr Haus gegen Erdreich mit drückendem Wasser dämmen möchten FOAMGLAS® cellular glass insulation, manufactured by Pittsburgh Corning since 1937, offers a wide variety of system solutions for the whole building envelope. FOAMGLAS® insulation is totally impervious to moisture, non-combustible, load-bearing and dimensionally stable Searching for FOAMGLAS products? Grainger's got your back. Easy online ordering for the ones who get it done along with 24/7 customer service, free technical support & more Foamglass pipes insulation is fabricated from top foam glass products China factory and supplies to oversea buyers in bulk with competitive price. Foamglass pipes insulation with good heat insulation, soundproof , etc wins more sourcing from foreign buyers

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  1. . Foamglas when installed at basement level provides long lasting reliable protection and insulation for underground walls
  2. FOAMGLAS ® insulation is 100% glass and contains no ®binders or .llers—it cannot burn. FOAMGLAS insulation will not absorb .ammable liquids or vapors. If a fire does occur, FOAMGLAS ® insulation can help to contain or supress it. Corrosion-Resistant. All-glass FOAMGLAS ® insulation is unaffected by common chemicals and by most corrosive.
  3. FOAMGLAS® insulation's closed-cell structure provides a unique combination of physical properties for piping and equipment located above- or below-ground. Its impermeability to water and water vapor is beneficial on chilled water applications
  4. Foamglas insulation is ideal for insulation systems that are either much higher or lower than the ambient temperature. Cellular glass shines in cryogenic applications, due to the closed cell structure from its manufacture. This closed cell insulation means that it is impermeable to water vapour or liquid

FOAMGLAS® ONE™ insulation is a lightweight, rigid material composed of millions of completely sealed glass cells. It is manufactured by Pittsburgh Corning in a block form and then fabricated into a wide range of shapes and sizes to satisfy industrial and commercial insulation requirements FOAMGLAS® insulation does not contain CFCs, HCFCs or any other hazardous materials or compounds. Cameo Morningstar, Sales Manager at Pittsburgh Corning FOAMGLAS® insulation, said the Company is thrilled to be associated with the Living Building Challenge Fireproof low price foam glass insulation pipe cellular glass foamglass material tube. US $100.00-$200.00 / Cubic Meter. 10.0 Cubic Meters (Min. Order) 13 YRS Tianjin Huali Thermal Insulation Building Material Co., Ltd. 83.3%. 5.0 (9) Contact Supplier. 1/4

Chez FOAMGLAS®, nous sommes fiers de chaque projet auquel nous avons participé. De l'isolation du toit du Parlement européen à Strasbourg à la protection du patio de la Bibliothèque royale danoise à Copenhague, chaque réalisation en FOAMGLAS® nous tient à cœur et est destinée à durer toute une vie Owens Corning FOAMGLAS® Insulation | 1,678 followers on LinkedIn. The leading global brand in innovative and technically advanced cellular glass insulation. | FOAMGLAS® insulation is part of. Installing foamglas/cellular glass pipe cove Fiberglas™ Insulation FOAMGLAS® Cellular Glass FOAMULAR® XPS Thermafiber® Mineral Wool All Products Resources. 3E Plus® Download Case Studies Division Guide eBooks Get Started. Contact Sales and Technical Insulation for a Broad Temperature Range Compact flat Roof on reinforced concrete dec

Special Insulation Systems FOAMGLAS® PERINSUL S (Standard) FOAMGLAS® PERINSUL HL (High Load) Load-bearing insulation element for brickwork/masonry Solutions for technical details and specification clauses on request. Further proposals and solutions are available any time from our technical consultants. Updated: September 2013. W FOAMGLAS TAPERED ROOF SYSTEM (TRS) is a cut-to-fall / cut-to-slope insulation system for flat roofs and floors. Depending on the requirements, the insulation is available in various slopes to assure good drainage FOAMGLAS® insulation will not melt into a liquid fuel, which can contribute to a fire's acceleration. Being cost-effective, FOAMGLAS® insulation does not re-quire an additional cladding. Cladding is often only for aesthetic purposes.. People forget the qualities of FOAMGLAS® insulation when they refer to hot system conditions. The sam Foamglas. FOAMGLAS®-isolatie bestaat uit miljoenen hermetisch gesloten glascellen, is water- en dampdicht, onsamendrukbaar, onbrandbaar, maat- en vormvast, bestand tegen ongedierte en zuren, zonder gevaar voor gezondheid & milieu en makkelijk te verwerken

FOAMGLAS® insulation is a lightweight, rigid material composed of millions of completely sealed glass cells. Manufacturer's Websit FOAMGLAS Insulation lanceert BIM-enquête 29 juni 2020 . FOAMGLAS Insulation lanceert BIM-enquête. Wat kan BIM voor u betekenen? Dat is de vraag die FOAMGLAS Insulation (Owens Corning) stelt aan architecten en bouwprofessionals in een grote, internationale enquête. Digitalisering heeft ook in de bouw zijn intrede. FOAMGLAS® Cellular Glass Insulation is manufactured from specially graded recycled glass (≥ 60%) and natural raw materials which are available in abundant supply (sand, dolomite, lime). The insulation is totally inorganic, contains no ozone depleting propellants, flame resistant additives or binders. Without VOC or other volatile substances Foam Glass Aggregate by GEOCELL®. A high quality insulation hardcore made from 99% recycled glass. GEOCELL Foam Glass Aggregate is an insulation material for underground use. Recycled foam glass aggregate saves energy and also contributes to a comfortable indoor environment Foamglas insulation can also insulate the bases of parking decks while being strong enough to withstand the weight. Foamglas Perinsul S. Foamglas Perinsul S is a high-density insulation product to eliminate thermal bridging. It is dimensionally stable enough to support the load of masonry walls

FOAMGLAS® Building is een marktleider in thermische isolatie in cellulair glas en een voorloper op vlak van gerecycleerde en duurzame materiaalkeuze in de bouwsector. De isolatie bestaat uit.. Foamglas Industrial Insulation Handbook: Pittsburgh Corning: Amazon.nl Selecteer uw cookievoorkeuren We gebruiken cookies en vergelijkbare tools om uw winkelervaring te verbeteren, onze services aan te bieden, te begrijpen hoe klanten onze services gebruiken zodat we verbeteringen kunnen aanbrengen, en om advertenties weer te geven

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Easy Application - Foamglas insulation is easily cut and fabricated into special shapes with conventional tools and may be applied and coated with a wide variety of commercially available adhesives and finishes. Vapor Proof -Vapor cannot penetrate the closed glass cells of Foamglas. Foamglas is a registered trademark of Pittsburgh Corning FOAMGLAS® insulation is free of environmentally damaging flame-retardants and propellants, no relevant eco-toxic components. Benefit: after generations of use as thermal insulation, FOAMGLAS® insulation can be recycled: as filler in landscaping or thermally insulating granulate. Meaningful ecological recycling through re-uses FOAMGLAS® ONE™ Insulation - ASTM C552 Grade 6 - FOAMGLAS® ONE™ insulation is a lightweight, rigid material composed of millions of completely sealed glass cells. It is manufactured by Pittsburgh Corning in a block form and then fabricated into a wide range of shapes and sizes to satisfy industrial and commercial insulation requirements Product: FOAMGLAS® INSULATION Page 5 of5 June 30, 2006 Section VII - Precautions For Safe Handling and Use con't Eye/Face Protection: When cutting, grinding, crushing, or drilling FOAMGLAS® insulation, wear safety glasses with side shields or dust goggles in dusty environments

Halverwege de jaren '40 werd FOAMGLAS ® isolatie geïntroduceerd in de VS. Door de groeiende wereldwijde vraag naar ons product breidde Pittsburgh Corning zijn aanwezigheid in 1965 uit naar Europa met een grote Belgische fabriek. Sindsdien kwamen er nog twee extra productie-eenheden bij in Europa Foamglas, a cellular glass material developed by Pittsburgh Corning in the 1930s, has a lower environmental impact than rigid-foam insulation, making it an appealing alternative. Made entirely of glass, the material didn't need dangerous fire retardants, can be manufactured without the blowing agents that cause global warming and ozone depletion, and had a number of attractive performance. PITTWRAP ® B100 wrap is a 1.2 mm (47 mil) thick self-sealing, aluminum butyl laminate specially formulated for protecting FOAMGLAS ® insulation systems. PITTWRAP ® B100 wrap is built with a high-tack butyl adhesive and 3-layer film - an aluminum film laminated to two polyester films (top and bottom) - to assure high level of resistance and protection (puncture, tear resistance) Vind de fabrikant Foamglass van hoge kwaliteit Foamglass, leverancier en producten voor de laagste prijzen bij Alibaba.co General Information . FOAMGLAS ® INVATHERM™ has been engineered to meet the demand for a class A1* inverted roof insulation board for use on roofs, roof terraces and balconies. Suitable for use with any inverted roof waterproofing membrane including hot melt, liquid applied, reinforced bitumen membrane or single ply membrane. Consisting of cellular glass with a pre-applied inorganic coating.

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FOAMGLAS® ONE™ insulation has a homogeneous, closed cell glass structure that resists moisture in both liquid and vapor forms and results in long term, constant insulating efficiency. NONCOMBUSTIBLE FOAMGLAS® ONE™ insulation is 100% glass and contains no binders or fillers - it cannot burn. It will not absorb flammable liquids or vapors. PITTWRAP ® IW50 AL jacketing is a 1.27 mm (50 mil) thick self-sealing, modified bituminous membrane with an aluminum foil laminate for protecting above ground FOAMGLAS ® insulation systems under a metal or UV resistant jacket finish. Ideal for use where insulation has been roller coated with asphalt prior to jacketing. Manual pressure seals the jacketing witho..

Foamglas Pittsburgh Corning (Uk) Ltd, London, 31-35 KirbyCheap insulation fiber glass wool 50mm insulation glassElliott Drive Photos – 8th Aug, window trial fit and

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Quantum Insulation specialise in supplying products for flat roofing contractors. For more information about our full range of QI RAVATHERM XPS X 300 SL ULTRA The thinnest Ravago XPS inverted roof insulation. QI Tapered and Flat Insulation ROCKWOOL, FOAMGLAS and Radmat RockFace A2 non-combustible solutions. Radmat Quantum PLUS+ VIP inverted. L isolation FOAMGLAS® est fabriquée à partir de verre recyclé (= 60%) et de matières premières abondantes dans la nature (sable, dolomite, chaux). PEINTURE ISOLATIO Foamglass Insulation Suppliers. Limit companies to: Worldwide USA UK India EMAIL INQUIRY to 20 suppliers . IDC Corporation | Address: 11-40 Borden Ave, Long Island, New York 11101, USA www.idccorp.com | Send Inquiry | Phone: +1-(800)-327-843 Foamglas® insulation is a lightweight, rigid insulating material composed of millions of completely sealed glass cells, each an insulating space. This all-glass, closed-cell structure provides an unmatched combination of physical properties ideal for piping and equipment above ground, as well as underground, indoors or outdoors, at operating temperatures from -450°F to +900°F (-268°C to.

FOAMGLAS® is a closed-cell glass insulation that has a high porosity, is impermeable, and can be heated above its glass transition temperature (Tg) without fracturing.Here, we characterize, using standard laboratory techniques, the thermal and transport properties of FOAMGLAS®, and report viscometry and calorimetry results Owens Corning FOAMGLAS® Insulation 5 years Senior Technical Support Specialist Owens Corning FOAMGLAS® Insulation Oct 2019 - Present 1 year 5 months. Tessenderlo, Belgique Technical Engineer: Technical advice and calculations Technical Engineer FOAMGLAS Building. Foamglas Factory, Tessenderlo, Belgium, Beringen, Belgium. 90 vind-ik-leuks · 195 waren hier. isolante in vetro cellulare adatto al isolamento termico del intero involucro del edifici FOAMGLAS® slabs with cold adhesive PC® 56 1.2.2 Wall insulation on waterproof concrete 1.2.3 Wall insulation on concrete with waterproofing membran

Stone wool 20mm thickness rockwool insulation pipe 120kg

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  1. Foam glass, lightweight, opaque glass material having a closed-cell structure. It is made in molds that are packed with crushed or granulated glass mixed with a chemical agent such as carbon or limestone. At the temperature at which the glass grains become soft enough to cohere, the agent give
  2. Foamglas Insulation: File BM730-585 certificate 0603. : Manufactured to Environmental Management System ISO14001 ; Alliance for Sustainable Building Products: Foamglas Insulation Nature Plus certificate number 0406-1101-101-1. : Nature Plus recognised and approve
  3. FOAMGLAS Insulation - Grainger Industrial Suppl
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